Estess Electric Inc.

Using a Boerne Licensed Electrician has advantages.  Being that we are a local company, Estess Electric has many companies that we have done business with.  That means that you will be able to use our experience, as Boerne Licensed Electricians, to help you choose which companies will best suit your projects.  This allows you to spend more time on the project itself, and less on the credibility of the contractors on the jobsite.  With the amount of companies that Estess Electric has not only worked with, but have used ourselves, you can be rest assured we can find the correct fit for you. 

Another benefit from using a Boerne Licensed Electrician is pricing.  Estess Electric has been in business for over 35 years.  That's a long time to build relationships with companies we buy from.  Boerne Licensed Electricians need to purchase their material from somewhere, and at times this can be a problem.  Estess Electric has seen prices fluctuate up and down, and at times it can get quite expensive.  In fact, the cost of material has a major effect on the total price of a project.  Being a Boerne Licensed Electrician means that not only can Estess Electric get better pricing, but due to the years that we have delt with the local distributors, sometimes we can help with the market fluctuation, and that can only benefit you. 

Estess Electric has many benefits as being a Boerne Licensed Electrician, however one of the most important to our customers is our ability to pull permits.  This is not only a necessity, according to the City of Boerne, but it should be a necessity to you.  True, there are other electricians that can pull permits as well, however are they the ones doing the work, or at least using licensed electricians?  There are many questions that can be asked, and unfortunately we don't have all the answers.  Here at Estess Electric, we control what we can control.  As Boerne Licensed Electricians, we will complete the project correctly, in order to make sure our customer's personal interest is protected.  The personel that Estess Electric uses on the jobsite will be trained and supervised by a Boerne Licensed Electrician, be it a Journeyman or a Master.  We will be insured in order to protect our customers, the jobsite, and personel on the jobsite.  We will strive to be the Best Electricans you have ever hired.  Estess Electric will do the job right!!!